The Self Love Clubhouse: The Online Community for Fostering Confidence and Love for Yourself

January 17, 2018

Self love has been getting lots of good press recently, from countless wellness publications and bloggers posting about their self-care routines, more and more nutritionists recommending people take time for themselves, and people starting to outwardly share what they love about their bodies and themselves. This new direction of the movement is absolutely necessary—I truly believe we can’t be our best selves unless we learn to love ourselves. I also recognize this can be really difficult. We are told that self love is important, but are never taught how to love ourselves. How do you start loving yourself when diet culture and the media has inundated us with images of how we should look and what we should change for decades? You could start with the Self Love Clubhouse.

The Self Love Clubhouse was founded by Katie Winnen, a Holistic Health Coach, Self Love Specialist, and Body Love Advocate. Katie started Take Care, a free online “health and wellness community that deliberately celebrates all bodies and redefines the concepts of health and wellness according to each individual”. I met Katie about a year ago and joined Take Care around the same time. This community rejects diet mentality, believes that health can be for anyone at any size, and has become a hub for self love.

The Self Love Clubhouse is an all-inclusive resource to help foster inner confidence through video trainings and worksheets on topics like body acceptance, approaching food, and self care. Every month, the Self Love Clubhouse brings members exclusive monthly video trainings, complimentary worksheets, essays, interviews with other self love warriors, and more. There is also a private Facebook group for members to chat with one another, and office hours hosted by Katie.

The Self Love Clubhouse is truly unique and I’ve really enjoyed all the trainings so far. The worksheets are thoughtful and are a wonderful addition to my current self love practice. The Clubhouse is one of a kind and is such an asset to those looking to begin or deepen their Self Love practice. Like I said – we can only be our best if we genuinely love ourselves, and working on this self love is so important to manifesting our biggest dreams.

The Self Love Clubhouse is currently enrolling members for a limited time. The Self Love Clubhouse already has hours worth of video trainings and other resources, with more trainings added each month. The enrollment window closes next Wednesday, January 24th, so if you want to join me act FAST!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here, or email Katie at katiewinnen@gmail.com.

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