PLAYLIST: November [2017]

November 1, 2017

Happy November! I know I am not the only one who is completely shocked with how quickly this year has gone by. I also know that many of you are counting down the days until 2017 is over, holding on to the hope of what 2018 *could* bring.

If this is your thinking, I hear you but I want to challenge you to not look too far forward. Try to enjoy the moment, and enjoy this season for what it is. I always see November as the last true month of fall; a month before “hibernation”, if you will.

November 2017 starts with a Full Moon in Taurus in its first week, and this moon is said to help us feel more emotional and intuitive, and is a great time to welcome new fortune and relationships—but only if you keep an open mind, with a positive outlook. It’s tough to really reap the benefits of the season if you’re looking to what comes after. So meditate an set some intentions this Full Moon.

The middle of the month (around the 11th) is a great time for self-actualization – put those intentions you set to good use, and be confident in what you want from the universe. To assist in this season, I’ve created my very first playlist specifically for Julie Laufer Official. These playlists will go live monthly, and will be the perfect start to every month.

November’s playlist features upbeat songs with soft vocals and dreamy instrumentals to celebrate the last of fall before winter comes.

Perfect to listen to driving, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, or finally putting away your summer clothes for good. Listen below and follow along!

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