Monthly Playlist & Intentions: December [2017]

December 2, 2017

Happy December (one day late, I know). I put together this playlist with the intention of sharing song you can listen to while cozying up on the couch with some tea. With Mercury being in retrograde this month, I’m trying to remember to not sweat the small stuff. I’ve also been doing a lot of reflection on the past year. Overall, I’ve had an amazing 2017 and want to make sure this year goes out with a bang.

I have gotten into the practice of writing down my intentions at the beginning of each month. This helps me narrow in on a few themes that will help guide me and remind me of what’s important. I enjoy coming back to these intentions throughout the month, as well as looking back to see how my priorities have shifted and changed.

December Intentions

Commit to Meditation

I will commit to meditating for five minutes a day at least four times per week.


I will keep my home clean and organized. I will make sure the dishes are cleaned after cooking, and I will dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to chores like cleaning/organizing/putting things away.

Wake Up

I will stop over sleeping. I will work out before work at least three times a week. I will get my weekend days started early to make the most of them (and go to at least one morning yoga class each weekend).

Move Every Damn Day

I will move 30 minutes every day. I will stick to my workout schedule and go on walks during the workday. I will stretch (and foam roll).

Be Better

I will aim to be better every day. I will do better than before and push myself harder. I will look at the past objectively and will learn and grow.  I will be kinder.

I would love to hear your intentions, and I invite you to create them while listening to this playlist. Share your intentions in the comments below and if you photograph them, tag me on Instagram.

December Playlist

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