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Date and Coconut Butter Bites

July 3, 2017
coconut butter

While my cravings usually lie on the salty and savory side of things, I also have a sweet tooth that shows up every now and then. We rarely keep many sweets in the house—mostly because Devlin and I both prefer savory foods, but also because I have learned that I feel best when I don’t eat sugar. It makes me tired, sluggish, bloated, and break out. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat sweets though (that’s a life I don’t want any part of).  I don’t like to ignore a craving because I believe it’s our bodies telling us exactly what they want! I also don’t want to load up on sugar and other inflammatory foods every time I’m in the mood for something sweet. My go-to is some in season fruit or a smoothie, but sometimes I want something a bit more decadent. That’s where these Date and Coconut Butter Bites come in.

These Date and Coconut Butter Bites are the perfect level of sweet but are made of real food. They are 100% refined sugar free and contain lots of healthy fats. They are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and paleo. They also take a whopping 3 minutes to make.

Date and Coconut Butter Bites

Makes one bite. You should probably make more though. 

date coconut butter

1 medjool date, pitted.
1 tsp coconut butter (learn more about coconut butter and why it’s a pantry essential here).
Nut butter of your choice, to drizzle (I use almond butter, but this is also delicious with cashew butter, and sunflower butter would work for those who are allergic to nuts).
Pink salt, optional (another pantry essential).

Once pit has been removed from date, stuff it with coconut butter. If you can’t get the pit out without slicing the date, that’s okay. Just add the coconut butter to the center. Drizzle with nut butter of choice, and sprinkle with pink salt (optional, but is a nice touch).

Do you have a favorite refined sugar free sweet treat? Tell me about it in the comments below. Especially if it also takes 3 minutes to put together. And if you make your own Date and Coconut Butter Bites tag #julielauferofficial on instagram.



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