12 Health and Wellness Podcasts to Help You Live Your Best Life

October 21, 2017

Podcasts have quickly become one of my favorite ways to consume media. I started to listen to more podcasts during the previous election, listening to various news outlets and political commentary shows from NPR and stations like it. As I have become more and more passionate about the health and wellness world, I started to look for podcasts that aligned with these views and would teach me and inspire me. The other night, a friend and I were comparing podcasts and recommending our favorite newsy/political pods to each other, and I realized that the amount of health and wellness shows I listen to has multiplied over the past few months (and now take up more space than those news and politics podcasts). While this particular friend wasn’t interested in my health/wellness podcasts, I have a feeling some of you might be.

Below is a list of my favorite podcasts in the health and wellness realm, touching on food, nutrition, fitness, mental health, spirituality, and holistic health.

That’s So Retrograde

Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari approach wellness from an incredibly relatable and comedic angle. They’ve had some amazing guests on their show, including Sophia Bush, Sarah Silverman, Emma Roberts, and Lance Bass, and they cover topics from yoga to green juice to bad dating stories to astrology. That’s So Retrograde has so much to offer, and I find myself waiting each week for a new episode, listening almost as quickly as it makes it’s way to my phone. They effortlessly blend wellness with spirituality, and have helped me live more authentically and really manifest what I want in my life. This is my #1 wellness podcast by leaps and bounds, and I think they do a really good job of making wellness accessible.

Don’t miss these episodes: “A Pod for the Defense” ft. Sophia Bush, “Shaman Bomb” ft. Shaman Durek.

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The mindbodygreen Podcast

mindbodygreen‘s online mecca has become my go-to for everything health and wellness, and this podcast is a perfect extension of that. I have recently signed up for mindbodygreen’s Advanced Functional Nutrition course, and I absolutely love their approach to health, wellness, and nutrition. Hosted by mindbodygreen founder and CEO Jacob Wachob, this health and wellness podcast brings in big names in the world of health and has really honest conversations with them. I love Wachob’s ability to get raw and honest with some big health gurus, like Amanda Chantel Bacon of Moon Juice, Melissa Hartwig of the Whole30, Sadie Lincoln of Barre3, and Tyler Hanley of Outdoor Voices.

Don’t miss this episode: “Mark Hyman on Coconut Oil, IV Therapy & His Personal Health Crisis

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Bulletproof Radio

Bulletproof Radio is one of the more science-based health and wellness podcasts on this list, being born out of a crusade to help people live at their most optimal health. Dave Asprey and his guests, which include doctors, Olympic nutritionists, biochemists, and big-name foodies guide you through the science at living at your highest potential. Bulletproof Radio is perfect for the person looking to upgrade their mind, body, and life, and for the person who appreciates some scientific information upfront.

Don’t miss this episode: “Does Food Really Have a Vibration

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Let it Out with Katie Dalebout

Author and podcaster Katie Dalebout has really wonderful and in-depth conversations with widely diverse people in the health and wellness realm, including bloggers, authors, CEOs, and athletes. The podcasts usually run over an hour, but I love how she is able to really break through and diving in deep with all of her guests. Topics include journaling, wellness, spirituality, personal growth, and feminism.

Don’t miss this episode: “Jessamyn Olivia Stanley on Feminism, Yoga, Social Media Addiction, Body Positivity + Finding Presence

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Balanced Bites: A Modern Take on Paleo Living

Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe are both successful best-selling authors on their own, and they come together for Balanced Bites in one of the most informative wellness podcasts, focused mostly on what they call ‘modern paleo living’. A lot of the paleo world is dominated by men, and I absolutely love the perspective they bring to the conversation. They tackle various topics during each episode, including blood sugar regulation, female hormones, stevia, digestion, and calorie counting.

Don’t miss these episodes: “How to Get Out of a Paleo Rut“, “Mindset and Inner Strength with JJ Virgin

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Her Rules Radio

Author, chef, and functional nutrition coach Alexandra Jamieson created Her Rules Radio to speak directly to women. She highlights how to achieve well-being and happiness, while providing insights into our cravings and desires. I love learning the ‘why’ behind all things in life, and Her Rules Radio definitely satisfies that inquisitive nature within me. Her guests include doctors, other functional nutritionists, yogis, and other health and wellness pros.

Don’t miss this episode: “Validate Your Own Damn Self

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Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin (creator of ‘The Four Tendencies’) simply wants us to be happier, plain and simple. Happier tackles various topics and ideas in ‘happiness studies’, and is hosted by Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft. Tips in the podcast include: getting ready for a ‘virtual’ move, writing a ‘ta-da’ list, reading children’s literature, and what happens when you do 10 jumping jacks. I love the exploratory nature wellness podcasts like Happier, and it’s a great listen for anyone who wants to have control of their happiness.

Don’t miss this episode: “Always Leave Some Room in the Suitcase

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Revolution Health Radio

Chris Kresser’s matter-of-fact approach to health and nutrition makes it easy to listen to and trust Revolution Health Radio. Kresser calls himself a ‘health detective’ and debunks mainstream nutritional myths, using science and research to support his information. His podcast episodes are clearly titled, so it’s a great show to go through and pick your way through topics you find interesting.

Don’t miss these episodes: “Are High-Fat Diets Bad for the Microbiome?“, “Could Gluten-Free Diets be Harmful?“, “Can Your Paleo ‘Template’ Include Grains and Legumes?“.

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The Food Heals Podcast

The Food Heals Podcast calls their podcast ‘like Sex & The City for Food’, and I think that description captures this health and wellness podcast perfectly. Alison Melody and Suzy Hardy—the ladies of this podcast—bring together experts in the field of health, nutrition, and healing to help us all live our best lives. They talk about topics such as living an eco-friendly life, the benefits of a plant-based diet, natural beauty, and overall nutrition.

Don’t miss this episode: “Gut Check! A Foolproof Plan to Heal your Gut & Detox your Body

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Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Terrible, Thanks for Asking plays with the idea that we should speak honestly and candidly about our pain and what we are going through. This podcast acknowledges that we often answer dishonestly when someone asks how we are, but that we can’t heal until we are honest with ourselves and with the others in our life. Topics covered include: not finding the ‘one’ while dating, losing a best friend, and dealing with trauma.

Don’t miss this episode: “Forever Alone: Part One & Part Two

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Well-Fed Women Podcast

Noelle Tarr & Stefani Ruper offer up advice and experience to listener questions on this wellness podcast. I love the format of Well-Fed Women, and the podcast does a great job to select great questions and Tarr and Ruper offer really in-depth and thoughtful responses. They follow a mostly-paleo diet, and a lot of the topics they cover relate to that. Some of my favorite topics have included exploring a paleo/vegan hybrid diet, raising confident daughters, the need to eat more carbs, hot yoga, and hormone balancing. They are both so knowledgeable and I find myself having many ‘a-ha’ moment during their episodes. I love following along every week mostly because I know I’ll learn something new but also because I like following what Tarr & Ruper are up to. That being said, because the episode titles are so clear, you would easily be able to just listen to certain episodes that interest you.

Don’t miss these episodes: “Cardio vs Strength Training, Hunger Signals, and Weird Food Allergies“, “Exercise & Indigestion, Mental Health Struggles, and Recovering from Long Term Stress“.

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The Balanced Blonde // Soul on Fire

I absolutely love Jordan Younger’s blog and her podcast Soul on Fire. Younger is a wellness author/yoga teacher/motivational speaker/overall badass. The Balanced Blonde brings deep conversations about wellness, spirituality, and health. Her guests are all people who she believes have ‘set their souls on fire’. She gets to the bottom about how her guests work towards their passions. Notable guests include functional holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, Lee Tilgman from ‘Lee From America’, and author/spirit junkie Gabby Bernstein.

Don’t miss this episode: “Jeanette Ogden – Real Talk with Wellness Goddess and Instagram Sensation @shutthekaleup

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I hope at least one of these podcasts resonates with you. All of the podcasts above have taught me something or challenged me to look at something in life differently. I hope you have a similar experience with something posted here.

Have any favorite health or wellness podcasts not listed above? Leave me a comment below – I am always on the lookout for more goodness to listen to. And if you do listen to something above, let me know what you think!



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